Resin printers

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  zeitfest said  Anyone used a resin printer?
ie where resin is photopolymerised into a solid.

A resin printer, regular FDM printer with PLA or PETG would be better for this.
Printed parts will never be as good as commercial injection molding, but if you do want to print a customised box it is relatively easy - but you will need to be familiar with 3d CAD software, or just print other people's designs. Also bear in mind that commercial boxes use flame-retardant plastic. AFAIK, all DIY type 3d printer use polymers that are not flame retardant.

I've designed some boxes with OpenSCAD, printed in PETG on Prusa Mini. They are good enough for hobby use, mainly for small projects. For larger projects it's just quicker/simpler (and probably works out cheaper) to buy commercial boxes.