Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas and Happy new year to all.
This is definitely the best and most helpful Forum and group of people I have come across anywhere... and the smartest. What so many of you do and take for granted amazes me as is the help and generosity with time and helping you all give.  Quite amazing and very much appreciated.

I remember those HQ's when they came out. My father was manager at a Holden dealership and had his pick of company cars.  They gave him an XU-1 Torana when they came out and then an SL/R 5000 which were the epitome of the GM go fast cars here at the time but he didn't like them.  Got sick of having to catch Taxis home when the things got stolen all the time.

Got himself a Nice 5L HQ Premier and loved it. Was the first car he had with Disk brakes and nearly put himself and everyone else through the windscreen for the first week but they were great cars. I still remember the burble of the thing as he'd drive it up the street going to work.  You could hear it for some ways even though he tried to drive it very quietly. They would sell his drive car and he wasn't happy till he got another one and he always seemed to get them in the green colour with the white trim.  He just about put us Kids  in plastic bags before we got in the thing and if we touched the windows and left finger prints, he went into orbit.

My brother had a HQ as his first car.  We used to work on it and take the whole front off the thing in one Piece as it took 5 Min to do and then you had complete access to the engine and front end.  Our grandmother whom we lived with would come out and find everything forward of the windscreen sitting on the back lawn in one piece looking at her. Was about 8 Bolts, the wiring connector and undo the radiator hoses and the whole front comes right off in one piece.

You have done a good job on that old girl Glenn. It would be worth a Lot of money now. These thing were common as Hyundai's are now back in the day but you don't see them around any more. I take it this is a 308?