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  Gizmo said  Its a 350 Davo.


My father had a 350 Hk Monaro. I think it scared him a Bit. He didn't keep it long and I remember him telling everyone how fast it was. I think what really put him off was he touched it going round a corner in the rain and the thing spun and he was inches away from coming to grief with a truck. Those old Dunlop Aquajet Radials did not have a good reputation even back then.

The twin Turbo Merc he has now would probably leave that thing for dead though. That is a weapon although in a silk glove because the thing is so quiet and smooth and devoid of all the other fun things you can't tell how fast you are going except for the speedo. Too complicated and intimidating with the endless and useless gadgetry on it that I'm sure not one single owners knows how to work half of it or actually uses more than 10 % of all the "Because we can " bells and whistles.

The seat heaters are Impressive though. I guarantee you could drive to work and leave the things on with your lunch sitting on them and come back to a lovely roast dinner at Midday. And I mean whom would be seen dead in a car that didn't have 16 different colours programmable for the Footwell lights?

  Quote  Grogster here in Australia, once you pass a road worthy and get the car registered, we dont need to do another road worthy for as long as we keep the car registered.

That is in Qld. That's why you have so many real Rust buckets on the road! :0)

In NSW and I'm pretty sure Vic, You have a 12 Month inspection in order to be able to re register the vehicle.

Sometimes, If you know the guy or the right place to go, the only inspection is when you inspect the notes to Pull out your wallet to get your " Pink slip" which is all uploaded to the Roads Mob.

For many years None of my cars were every inspected. I'd go to the mechanic, he'd say " anything wrong with it? " Id say not that I know of and he'd shake the brake test machine to get a reading, take my money and give me the ticket.

I said to him one day, aren't you worried you'll get caught doing that? He said No, I only do it for people like you.  I said what is like me? He said people that are fussy with their cars and know the second if something isn't right.

He said I have had people come in for an oil change and a wheel is hanging on by 3 threads on the only nut and they haven't got a clue.
I have since seen that. People with collapsed wheel bearings and they ask if you think it will be OK for another month till they save the money to get it fixed.

Looks like for most people there will be no BS restrictions in your own state at least and for us Filthy NS welchmen banned from everywhere else, we'll have to stay in our own borders and support our own people.   Good thing if you ask me.
Good luck QLD and Vic tourism and hospitality industries though!

Merry Christmas to all and happy new year.