3 phase inverter for AC induction and servo motors

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Have fun Peter!
This will be a fun project I will follow from close by :)

You can use some isolation opamps like: acpl-c87, hcpl7800,... for measuring the phase voltage/ current.

I once tried to make a simple 3 spwm with a CY8CKIT-059uC, I used 2  potmeters, 1 for the amplitude and one for the frequency, it was easier to program for me then the arduino. I could do it with internal hardware, comparing a sinewave with a triangle wave. But I think I ended up with using a lookup table.
A colleague of mine did the same but programmed “space vector”, that way you can extract more power from the same DC bus. We tested it on a small induction motor.
It has some nice internal hardware you can set up without using uC power/clock cycles. It has free programming software with lots of help/information pdf’s and basic examples.