Nissan Leaf - Battery Problems - $33,000 Quote for Battery Swap

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Posted: 09:41am 21 Jan 2021      

From my understanding the motors in the Nissan Leafs (Leaves!) are not particularly great, otherwise I would consider buying one just to strip the motor and control gear out for a custom build. What are they? 65kW or thereabouts?

I'd rather spend my cash on a wrecked Tesla. Tesla are pretty cagey about their specs, but I believe their motors run somewhere around 200kW.

Obviously a 200kW motor is a little heavier, but with the weight of the rest of the car taken into account, it is pretty measly. If you drive *exactly* the same with a leaf motor vs a  tesla motor (putting them into the same car) you will use a pittance more kWh... but with a tesla drive train there is the *potential* to have a lot more fun!

I personally wouldn't buy a leaf unless the price was really really good.

So, in answer as to what to do with the aforementioned grey leaf? Maybe you could strip it and build a custom car? But with a fairly low-brow motor, such an endeavour would have to be presented to a buyer at the right price, and 12k is far to high. Move the decimal point one place and I'd be interested...