New tranny build 70 pound core

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Posted: 10:07pm 24 Jan 2021      

I ordered 23 pounds of 12awg wire to go with what I already have

I am thinking about removing some of the core to make more room for wire

This is definitely overkill for me

A few pounds out of the hole i think would make for a better tranny

It would allow me to wind on more copper

After winding a bunch of trannys for testing and lots of help from the people on here i have fingered a few things out

It is all about how much heat will be in the core

If you dont like using fans you will need a bigger core

If you want to use a leaf blower you can use a small core with more copper

For myself i hate hearing fans and think dust is bad  

I think oil will be the future of inverters but that is just a opinion
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