New tranny build 70 pound core

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Posted: 06:33am 25 Feb 2021      

Genetry solar has as5 PJ trannys for 150 bucks including shipping

I noticed it when checking out there new forms for people to post and talk about solar stuff

Seems to have some good people on them

Gs will soon have a 12k inverter!!!

Gs control board has 8 amp mosfet driver no more voltage drop across mosfets

The wifi board on the gs inverter is more than awesome

It has custom adjustable everything built in to it and the programing can be upgraded over the internet

The programing is constantly being upgraded and MORE!!! INCREDIBLE!!! things are on there way

You can hook gs inverters up together for more wattage or three phase with out having to buy extras to do so

It has many pwm fan plugs regular fan plugs many temp plugs can set the batt charging current every inverter has a multi tap tranny so it can do 12 24 36 48 volts

No more buying a new inverter to upgrade to a higher voltage

This is just a drop in the bucket with what the gs can do it has set the bar very high for off the shelf inverters

I will be hooking up the gs electronics to the over 100 pound tanny I am winding

I will be pushing 20k trying to blow up
the gs components

I have been unable to blow them so far
but I will not give up!!
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