New tranny build 70 pound core

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Posted: 11:38am 19 Apr 2021      

My new batteries arrived one of the modules is a little damaged

The cases are made extremely well
I am not that picky so I didn't make a claim

My new power cv cc supply  came in also

Maybe with it I won't be melting the solder off the legs of my hy5608 lol

I have been down in my back so still haven't wound the big tranny core

Since the weather is warming up it will likely get done soon

I haven't been in a big hurry on it

The big all new board I am building it for is not finished yet

I will most likely make my new batteries 14s they come as 22s

I have been thinking about 16s but that may just make things more difficult

The higher the voltage the better is my opinion

I got a good deal on these brand new never opened batteries

The specs are really good no long waiting and hoping they are in the us

So I couldn't pass them up

My buddy's balancers will be up for sell soon so I will be using them

They are capable of many amps so can keep big banks balanced

I can give the link if anyone is interested in the batteries or balancers

Have a blessed day every one
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