New tranny build 70 pound core

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There is a wiggle at top and bottom as seen seen in pics

It kinda seems like it is pulsing by the very low hum and how it looks live on scope

Kind of a little rev up and down but it could be in my head lol

I took three pics the wiggles almost not there in one pic another just had wiggle on top

I uploaded the third pic

The back ground of inverter pic also happens to have wiggle top and bottom

There is a filter cap on the inverter board by the little step down voltage feedback transformer

There is two two pin plugs side by side that seems to be for voltage feedback

They have continuity in between them with the beep test

Farthest right pin of first plug and farthest left pin of second plug  beep then the two inside pins one from each plug beep

Even though they shere continuity could only one plug go through the on board filter cap?

The small red board close to tranny that has two filter caps on it and a three way screw down connector

The three terminal screw down connector
Joins the tranny two the outlets

Each of the two filter caps on this small board have a leg going to the center tap zero volts of tranny

the other leg of each going to opposite 120 volt legs of tranny output

The voltage feed back is not hooked to the center tap it is 240 volts back to the board

Out put voltage dose move around a little
but not even a volt

maybe my volt meter is not fast enough to catch it if it is fluctuating more than 1/2  volt

I am trying to figure out why any ideas?

I have used this inverter for a long time

It was 120 volt only the last year or two

I rewired it for 240 volts and added some big dc input caps

The idle is not to bad

But the wiggles bother me

I also put two outlets in it one off each leg of 120 volts and each have resetable fuses

The bus plugs into the big 240 plug
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