New tranny build 70 pound core

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It definitely sounds like it is revving up and down

tranny is so quite you almost have to put ear on it to hear it hum

I didn't wind this tanny the ones I have wound don't hum at all at idle

Warpspeed instructed me to wind transformers

His way makes a salient tranny with lowest possible idle loss

I am very grateful he told me 5 billion times until I finally understood!!!

This inverter didn't do this pulsing the last year or two when hooked up as 120 volt only

I used the builtin on board filter cap and another across 120 volt out of tranny

This is the same tranny

Before the two windings was paralleled

Now they are hooked in series with one wire of each winding being center tap

Got to love usa electrical system

I always check dot with ligh bulb switch trick before hooking winding in series or parallel

As I was taught on here

The inverter is putting out 120 on both legs and 240 across both legs

This inverter board has a current shunt built into the board on the negative side

The big caps are hooked in after that shunt on negative bus bar on bottom of the board

The positive is hooked into positive heat sink

I used sawdust in resin when potting tranny

I am thinking the backfeed circuit is not getting filtered enough

But I would really appreciate some input from you guys

Thanks everyone I appreciate you guys!!
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