New tranny build 70 pound core

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Hi all. I am new here, and have to say the friendliness of members and assistance to others seen here is really encouraging. Just the place I need to be if I am to build an inverter.

I am considering trying to build a 48v inverter, and am looking at buying a few items I feel I will need. I would like the inverter to be capable of 6000w for 30 minutes, or maybe longer, although, I expect this power level would not be regularly used.

I have sourced 2 x 3kW Aerosharp GTIs specifically for the toroidal transformers, but after reading here I see there are a few more parts usable from the Aerosharp. I propose I will use the cases as others have done, and the chokes are evidently a usable item.

A question I currently have is if I rewind a toroid, what are the tapes I should use, and what width is recommended?

Edit: I am specifically wondering if there is any stretch in the tapes, and whether a 30mm wide tape is too wide to have it wrap flat on the curvature of the toroid?
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