New tranny build 70 pound core

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Posted: 06:48am 02 Sep 2021      

This tranny is over 100 pounds
I think it is a 25k pj

We have 4 or five sets of fets plan on seeing what it will do with a genetry solar driver board fun fun fun

I might get the chance to test and try to blow up a 12k genetry solar inverter before there ever on the market
can't wait!!!

There driver and wifi board is incredible and is tougher than nails it has everything and you can custom change anything from your phone

it even has built
In oscilloscope it will do 12 24 36 or 48 volt batterys And voltages in-between all those and likly higher than 48 volt bank
With out buying nothing muti tap tranny

A long while back I was trying hard to break the GS wifi and controler board

you should have seen felt and heard a over 70 pound tranny dancing and shaking my whole shop when I shorted the high side out to its self and powered it up

It was a awe inspiring moment!!!

I melted the solder off the legs of 360 amp hy5608 mosfets I beat that thing to death we nick named it un blowable
the mosfet drivers pushes 8 amps

After that sid turned on over wifi the protection stuff that would not let it happen again lol

Like I said it is tough!!!  

Friends big pj inverter

Tranny for my next inverter it is going to be stupid heavy

Plenty of hole for 4 more 2.3 mm windings making 8 in total may do ten and then the low side winding
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