CMM2: V5.07.00b11: json support with full ESP-01 example code

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Posted: 01:40pm 31 Jan 2021      

Thanks for providing a morning's amusement Peter.

I found I had to replace:
dim b$= "GET /data/2.5/"+report$+"?id="+MYID$+"&APPID="+APIKEY$

dim b$= "GET /data/2.5/"+report$+"?q="+MYID$+"&APPID="+APIKEY$

Otherwise it complained that "manchester,uk" was not a valid city, which I thought was rather opinionated for a computer

I've also found my ESP-01 module to not be terribly stable, sometimes it works, but othertimes it only flashes its LED on initial power-up and then will refuse to flash it further or make a connection. It will then stubbornly refuse for a while whilst I faff with the cables and switch things on and off a couple of times, or attach it to an external power supply and then it will decide it will work again after all even when connected back to the CMM2 3.3V power rail ??? Maybe that resistor and capacitor will help when the former arrives. TBH I'm not convinced that the 3.3V rail is always supplying 3.3V ... sometimes I'm measuring as low as 2.8V - though I must acknowledge there may be a certain amount of incompetence involved.

Anyway, if we get many more upgrades then I think I'm going to need a bigger breadboard:

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