CMM2: V5.07.00b11: json support with full ESP-01 example code

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Posted: 01:23pm 09 Aug 2021      

  matherp said  
  Quote   What else do I need to do to get it localized and reporting right?

Set MYID$ to the code for where you want. Codes are downloaded from the weather site in a json file

Thank you that was the info I needed.  It works fine now.  I had no idea.  I was misinterpreting the info from the first post here.  
  Quote  You need to substitute your own wifi login details and your own openweathermap api username and key

I was putting my user name in there.  Thanks.

On to my next bit of needed info on your second listing.  It runs and then says connected.  Then what do I need to do to access it.  I am trying to find what IP it has taken but my router is not showing me anything but several ESP listings with no IPs.  Do we need anything else?  I tried to add a line after connected that would list the IP but no go