Picaxe 20X2 60 Amp Mppt Charge Controller

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Hello, I would like to ask you for some modifications to the MPPT Solar Charge Controller (ESP32 + WiFi), I would like to build it myself. I would need it to handle the input voltage from 4x Avancis PowerMax 155W solar panels with CIGS technology. Two in series and two in parallel would be connected. The battery would be Lifepo4 12v approx 100Ah. I would like an MPPT controller for 250V /60A control. + LEDs for charging Bulk, Absorption, Float. What modifications would you recommend in terms of replacing parts, especially MOSFETs and other parts if needed. It would be better to show the changes in the schema. I am also sending the datasheet of the solar panel + parameters Voc, Isc, etc.

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