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Up to now I have been using a service called Lean Tracking to record and track bugs in MMBasic and the Micromites.  It was a great service... free, worked well and all the data was held in the cloud.

Then, a few weeks ago, they just turned it off.  Everything, the data, domain name, the whole system just vanished.  What got me was that they did not provide any warning - they just flipped the switch and walked away.

There is a big lesson here; don't trust anything that is free and any data held in the cloud can vanish in an instant.  Lesson learnt I have now built my own bug tracker with the data held on my own NAS which is fully backed up.

Fortunately I had downloaded a backup of the data last year so I have most of it but I have lost some of the bugs reported since then.  So, if you have reported a bug since June 2020 could you please let me know (a pointer to the original posting will suffice).  From memory there have only been a 2 or 3 reported but I hate to think that even one has escaped.

Below is the list of bugs that I do know of and should be fixed in the next release:
- Bug that causes a STATIC declaration to sometimes fail with "Error: Conflicting variable type" or "Error: Out of memory".
- An error when an array with eight dimensions is declared.
- A bug that causes GUI BITMAP to incorrectly display a bitmap with uneven width and/or height.
- A bug that can cause SELECT CASE to fail with a string select value.
- Closing a PWM channel sometimes does not work correctly.
- A problem in MMBasic recursive FOR loops (this may not be fixable)
- Possible errors in an If statement with bitwise AND
- Problem with SELECT CASE reported by twill
- Static variables in interrupt routines may clash with same named vars in other interrupt routines.

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