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Posted: 10:17pm 04 Feb 2021      

Hi Geoffg,

Weren't you the guy who wondered if anyone would actually use a FoxPro workalike on the CMM2 when Lizby and I were proposing such a monster?????

It would be a great tool to have to keep track of these bugs.

We stopped planning it when almost no interest appeared.

You are completely correct when you say don't trust free programs and free cloud data storage.

I don't even trust the cloud data storage I pay for.

I do trust that 8 TB USB 3.0 disk which is plugged into one of my mesh routers.

I'm thinking about adding a second 8 TB disk plugged into another mesh node and running robocopy daily to keep the two drives more or less identical.

I have been know to wear both a belt and suspenders (whoops ... sorry braces   ).

Paul in NY