Used Solar Panels Bulk - Cairns Region

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I feel a need to put in my 2c worth ! Ellen (are you related to Bob?) your post reeks a bit of misandry and you have been here all of 5 minutes ? But it seems you are an expert about the good/valued? character of someone who said something negative against Davo and therefore Davo must be the one in the wrong ??

Some people have a wonderful economy of words, Davo isn't that person, but many folk (& I) like to read his muses.

Lets explore your quote about panel removals "So HE should be shot where HE stands" - maybe it was a she.... but I do sense your focus and intent.

I think Davo's reaction was quite justified - he wasn't even nasty but he called a spade a spade, I saw it more as a wasted wake up call. Perhaps if your post had been less condescending and less willing to use men to gratify a one way need (panels lol) it might have had a better outcome.

I reflect back to you that if this forum openly welcomed and encouraged your kind of attitude to the forum and its existing members it would be a lesser place, I agree with you that maybe this is somewhere you should not frequent ? You could always hit the reset button.

Reminds me of the Groucho Marx quote "I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member"