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Posted: 05:42am 14 Mar 2022      

I was going to comment yesterday but thought best to say nothing but now another [pest has gone....

Anyone that comes along and has knowledge of others and an axe to grind has been there before.  No one except disgruntled ex members that have been kicked out come on ranting and raving like that. What would have upset him more than anything was how quicky he was picked as if it wasn't more obvious than the nose on ones face.

I'd bet my backside that was Bob because the aggro and frankly, mental instability was hand in hand with what we saw previously.  Anyone that is so obsessed with pushing an inanimate object like batteries has a mental problem and that's coming from someone that is certified as having mental problems!  :0)

Given his irrational obsession, I would expect to see him try to sneak back yet again.   Might be a little smarter and more Subtle next time but I have my doubts if he has the ability to control himself that well.

It's easy to laugh but I always think of what drives someone to be like that?
They must be very hurt, think they have been badly treated and people are out to get them. I also think they must be very lonely and desperate for attention and their existence to be acknowledged any way they can make that happen even it if does bring them disdain and their recognition is short lived.  I wonder what their every day lives are like and I can only think they must be filled with dissatisfaction and bitterness as well. I doubt they are much different in real life to what they are online. Just very miserable, angry people looking for someone to take their frustrations out on and desperate to be seen to exist.

Some of us want to curl up in a ball when we are down and be left alone and some just want to lash out at the world. It's very sad either way but I do NOT believe it is one ounce of an excuse to act like a hateful moron either.

Everyone has to take responsibility for there behaviors and attitudes and as someone whom has problems, I won't give anyone a shred of sympathy for not doing that and taking their problems out on others.

There are thing you can control and things you can't and things you are unaware you do and those that you are very aware of.
No excuse for trying to piss people off because one feels bad or whatever their problem may be.