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Posted: 12:38am 08 Apr 2022      

So, you think that people should be allowed to go on flame wars and insult other forum members without any kind of policing or control?

Welcome to the forums, but sorry - that is a rule that will NOT be changed.

Senior members get more latitude due to the time they have been here, but newbies that arrive here with a chip on their shoulder or a dose of NPD(narcissistic personality disorder), won't be tolerated.

New members need to EARN the respect of the forums, not simply be given it just cos they signed up and think they know everything.

Not saying you are one of those, but we have seen this time and time again, and it is new members 99% of the time, hence the strict stance with new members.  Again, very much hoping that is not going to be the case with you, and that you will become a much valued member here.

Play by the rules, and everyone will get along fine.
Get rude or abusive and......