Li -ion battery

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Posted: 10:29pm 05 Mar 2021      

I would like to understand the working of the rechargeable li-ion battery pack ?

I understand ,by opening my flat-pack ,that the batteries are in plastic sealed packets.  There must be plates of metal inside ,plus cables ,I have not touched the sealed packets.

They are swelled from a previous owner ,who I do not know.

Could someone out there explain to me how these packets of rare earth or whatever is a mixture of whatever in there ,how they work ,please. I have no intension of opening them , would just like to understand the mechanical working of whats in there and how does the power ,when they are charged, travel .

its a fairly big unit , says 2500 watts and I've applied 48vdc ,it shows 81 watts into the unit ,don't know if this is charging(no indicators), or this 81 watts is consumed in the battery management system ?. no warm feeling on the packets, been on power for 1 hour.

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