Li -ion battery

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Thank You , Murphy,friend,(and mine now) and Nickskethisniks (wow, what a name !).

anyhow, thanks very much for the simple explanation of how they work .  I think I gathered that the salient point is the "closeness" of the "plates' , so mine are badly swollen and therefore may never be recoverable.

Can I buy replacements and would they be worth the gamble or expense ?.

I did apply , very carefully, my 48v battery just by touching the Anderson shells together, BANG. yes, melted the POS terminal . no damage.

Funny thing , 0 volts on my meter before the experiment, then after a micro-second and the BANG, I read something like 0.048 volts ,later back to 0.

maybe this was the capacitor effect ???.

Anyhow, the other idea was a controlled charge , like a gradual increase in charge to see if it really is a dead short or just wanting a huge input til it settles down ????. (bruce is thinking out aloud).

Thanks for the discussion, luv this forum.