Li -ion battery

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Posted: 11:43am 08 Mar 2021      

I had one of those Lipo jumper packs.
Was very good and unbelievably powerful and it got a lot of use and I did try to look after it.

One day when trying to start the ute, the thing started smoking a little then obviously had a runaway. I managed to tear it off the battery and hurl it into the yard.
I have NEVER seen anything so compact make so much smoke. I mean it filled the yard and you couldn't see one side to the other.  Only other thing I have seen like it is videos of giant smoke bombs on Yt. There was a bit of orange fire and lots of hissing and jet like smoke emanation but the volume of smoke was astounding.

Luckily it was in the morning and the breeze was gentle and took the smoke away but I guarantee the mosquito population took a month to recover.

If you want a bit of entertainment, short that swollen pouch out and toss it making sure you are upwind.  Don't be surprised if some rescue aircraft  descends thinking it's a distress signal or you are marking an LZ for an insertion team.

I would be very careful where you left the thing and myself would be putting it where it could burn and not matter like in a metal bin outside and away from anything else.
From Videos I have seen these things can also go off in a spectacular fashion if shot so if you want a bit of fun with your bunny gun.....   :0)