Wanted: IGBT modules from Aero-sharp inverters

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Posted: 04:47pm 12 Jun 2021      

I wheel and deal a bit in used panels and Inverters but the one inverter I have not come across yet is the aerosharps.

The common ones are those Crappy blue things sold under a few names and I have got a couple of the Latronics transformer type and a mix of others but I am yet to come across the Famed Aerosharps.

I take it they were an early model in the solar days and could not have been a lot of them around either at least installed up here. I have scrapped quite a few dead inverters now as well for the caps and things but never seen any boards like the ones you show.

Must also be unique to the aero's.
Do you have the Number for the IGBT's you want? I have a bunch of them in a Box I could have a look though if they might have been put in something else?