H-Bridge Controller Using Raspberry Pi Pico

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Solar Mike

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Posted: 11:35am 15 Jul 2021      

Have finally started drawing up the schematic for the Pico controller, I wont go any further using plugin breadboarding as the layout is chaotic at best and worse, awful with high speed logic signals; so will move straight to final pcb.

This part of the schema is for the SPWM drive and power supplies, decided to use FAN3229TMX driver buffers for the multiple parallel opto power board modules as they have minimal delay and good matching between devices, these drivers are made for mosfets, but will work well here with a fast logic OR gate that works with 3.3V acting as an AND gate with 0 input logic to give a drive that will prevent any shoot thru should the cpu not play ball with its SPWM + dead-time output.

Pico ADC reference is a precision 3.0V reference chip MCP1501

Will look at the voltage and current sensing next.