H-Bridge Controller Using Raspberry Pi Pico

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Solar Mike

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Posted: 12:05pm 26 Jul 2021      

This is what I'm thinking for outputs.

Main Caps Pre-charge: 2 relays, contacts in series for switching battery volts via a 100R 50W resistor. I wanted 2 sets of contacts to give me 100V rating.
Main Inverter Contactor: Vacuum 400A 12V relay switched by larger mosfet.
Cooling Fan: small mosfet can switch the 12v 600mA fans.
Some status and fault leds, small loud pcb piezo alarm, tiny relay for external output that the inverter is on\off line.

All the above driven from a 74HC595 serial to parallel shift register running at 3.3v, the mosfets are spec'd for 3.3v drive.