Colour Maximite 2 - Second Generation

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Announcing the Second Generation of the Colour Maximite 2 from Peter Mather.

The Generation 2 design is fully compatible with the first generation and is primarily designed to be easier to manufacture.  This version is not intended to supersede the first generation; it is more of an evolution with a number extra features:
- An additional 1920 x 1080 pixel VGA mode.
- 24-bit colour output (in addition to the standard 8, 12 and 16-bit modes).
- Extra RAM for BASIC programs (24MB vs 8MB).
- Support for a USB mouse (with an optional Hobbytronics chip) or a dual USB/PS2 wired mouse (no extra components required).
- Two Wii controller ports on the front panel.
- Support for an optional high accuracy real time clock (RTC) replacing the standard RTC and an optional ESP-01 WiFi module.

Because this design mostly uses surface mount components it is not recommended for home constructors and vendors will be supplying it as either partially or fully assembled.   If you are really keen you can build it yourself - the construction pack on my website has the details but you need to be VERY good at surface mount soldering.  You can also get a PCB fabricator like JLCPCB to supply and solder the parts for you, the required info is in the construction pack.

My website has been updated with the latest firmware and manuals:

The usual suppliers will be offering the 2nd Generation design (in no particular order):
- Rictech in New Zealand:
- Micromite Org in the UK:
- CircuitGizmos in the USA:
- PS Labs in Poland:

Give them a little time to update their websites.  As most of you know there is a worldwide shortage of semiconductors and we have seen this with the ARM Cortex-M7 and RAM chips used in this design, so please be kind to your supplier if you experience extended delivery times.

Expect to see a two part series in Silicon Chip magazine describing the Generation 2 with the first article to hit the streets towards the end of this month.  We are releasing this early so that members of this forum can try out the firmware and report any issues (hopefully there will be none).

Congratulations to Peter for another huge effort.