Colour Maximite 2 - Second Generation

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Circuit Gizmos has the RetroMax version 2.3a available. Slightly different design from the CMM2 Gen 2 that Peter has made, but compatible with the firmware/software.

The RetroMax 2.3a (this is the generation 2 compatible design) is in stock at CircuitGizmos and will be shipping out around the 8th. This can be ordered with or without the "slim" case and other optional items.

The RetroMax Generation 2 design is fully compatible with the first generation (RetroMax 1.4a), however, it has a few extra features:

CMM2 Gen2:
- An additional 1920 x 1080 pixel VGA mode.
- 24-bit color output (in addition to the standard 8, 12, and 16-bit modes).
- Extra RAM for BASIC programs (24MB vs 8MB).
- Connections that support a wired PS2 mouse or a combo USB/PS2 wired mouse.
- Support for an optional high accuracy real time clock (RTC) on the PCB replacing the standard RTC.

RetroMax specific:
- Inclusion of an ESP32 WiFi module on the PCB.
- A USB "C" Console/Power connection to use better and more stable USB supplies.
- Two QWIIC connectors for convenient I2C connections.
- Self shutoff feature for the RetroMax.

The 1.4a (gen 1) version is also still available.
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