Colour Maximite 2 - Second Generation

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Posted: 07:07am 02 Jul 2021      

Congratulations to Peter and Geoff for creating new Maximite model!

PS Labs is happy to announce release of new Color Maximite 2 Deluxe GEN2 model. This model is made with compliance with new GEN2 standard. One many new features are:
- Double RAM (from 16 to 32 MB)
- High resolution graphical mode
- 24 bit color
- 5 x Build in edge connector for expansion cards
- 3 x Nunchuk port
- 1 x Atari joystick port with over voltage protection
- Build in RTC clock from
- Build in HT mouse controller chip
- Build in ESP01 WiFi module

Can be purchased here:

Manual and Github resources can be found here:

Expansion system Github resources can be found here:

We are also offering GEN2 model with PCB identical  Peter Mather design with build in RTC chip.
Can be purchased here:

This model and all other models can be expanded with our expansion system: