My latest EV project

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Posted: 10:54pm 18 Sep 2021      

Looks very impressive.
Building a home made vehicle and getting it registered in Oz is also a very big move.
90 to 100 kw seems plenty for such a small car. Are you using a gearbox?
Is the lack of power above due to the motor running out of revs or does the torque curve fall off at that speed?
Wow dragging 1000 amps form a battery bank is a lot of current. I am guessing that your range would fall off fast if you tried to run flat out and pull that much current.
What range are you aiming for with this car?
I have not long ago added a capacitor bank to my stand alone solar. I did it to help with starting currents as we have a 24 volt 660 amp hour battery bank but the inverter struggled with starting an air compressor.
With the capacitor bank it fires it up easily.
I added a 500 farad 24 volt bank which is capable of supplying 1900 amps.
Just wondering if you are using capacitors in parallel with your batteries to assist in high acceleration or regen situations?
Anyway nice photos, very nice work, good luck with registration