My latest EV project

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Posted: 11:37pm 18 Sep 2021      

I was watching some  EV Vids recently.  The owners must get driven Nuts with people  asking why don't they put a solar panel(s) on them to charge them up?
There were HUNDREDS of comments like this over a half dozen vids or so I watched.
People have No idea about solar, electricity, batteries or anything else electrical.
Seem to think you throw a Solar panel on something and that's all you need for endless energy and you can power a vehicle or charge a battery like the thing will pump out 100Kw.

What was most laughable was how many indignant commentors took the position of the EV builder being stupid because they had overlooked that obvious suggestion that the superior intelligence commentor had seen as obvious.



I was looking at Traction/ Forklift batteries last week on Fleabay.  The prices have dropped a LOT.  I take it due to lockups and shutdowns they are trying to move some of the things.  There were 48V, 600Ah packs going for $1200.  Easy to re configure and give you an extra double the capacity you have now for a very good price.

Don't know if you need or would like more capacity but if you were thinking of it, seems now might be the time to look into it for a potential Bargain.