My latest EV project

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Posted: 12:48am 05 Oct 2021      

  Davo99 said  You made/ modified that yourself?

DAMN impressive!

You clearly haven't done your trade as a panel beater in the last 10 Years. All they know how to do is unbolt something and replace it now.

When they ring wreckers, not only want the suitable Panels, they want them in the right colour with a perfect paint job. None of the Johhny come latelys would have the skill or patience for real and quality  work like this.

Hard enough finding a Painter that can actually paint.  

Brilliant Job!

Thanks for the encouragement. This type of ability is certainly hard to find. Too many people would rather take the easy option. I can kind of understand it from a paint shop's point of view. They need to make money and the most cost effective way is often to replace a panel rather than repair it.

My work is far from perfect. Certainly not even good enough to leave as raw aluminium. But as a beginner I am fairly happy. I am learning quickly.