My latest EV project

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Posted: 10:12pm 31 Oct 2021      

Another productive weekend. I modified the hardware for the shift linkages to allow for the 30mm required. One of the cables was long enough because the small silver linkage had enough adjustment to compensate. But the bracket for the sheath needed to be moved 30mm toward the front. The other sheath bracket also had to be moved 30mm closer to the front and I made a new pivot bracket with less angle to move the cable connection 30mm further forward.

I also made some progress on the panels. I permanently attached the structural panel above the footwell. Then I adjusted the dash and door jam panels to suit their new position allowing for more padding to satisfy the registration rules. I also started playing with moulding some polycarbonate to act as clear screen to protect my gauges as the original screen was too deep and had too much angle to suit my purpose.