My latest EV project

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Posted: 01:56am 01 Nov 2021      

  Godoh said  Looks great, I did not realise that you are making an all wheel drive vehicle.
That will make it a great little car to drive.
Is that a subaru gearbox you are using?

Sorry Pete, it's not AWD.

I was originally planning AWD but my engineer steered me away from that plan. He was going to insist on synchronisation methods and extra testing. It would have been a nightmare and would have become a totally different car. In other words twice as heavy.
At least this way it will be a very light and nimble little car.

The photo might have confused matters as it is a front wheel drive motor mounted in front of the rear wheels. The rear wheels are at the end of the drive shafts in the photo. The gearbox is from a Hyundai Getz.