My latest EV project

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Posted: 10:47pm 02 Nov 2021      

I made some good progress on the temp sensors last night. With a replacement sensor I managed to get the test working. I went to a different store and opted for 5 green LEDS and 5 red LEDs but the principle is still the same. I worked out how to get the logic to recognise the highest temp from any sensor. Then I worked out how to drive the LEDS to reflect the highest temp. For the purpose of the test I had it calibrated to trigger 0 LEDs less than 29.5 degrees, 1 LED between 29.5 and 30 and 2 LEDs above 30. This allowed me easier control to raise or lower the temp for the tests.

So that proves the theory. I have ordered all the sensors. Once they arrive I will need to perform another test to prove the system can handle 45 in series. Then I just need to alter the code to calibrate for 10 degree increments and replace this temporary circuit with the permanent one........I love arduino