My latest EV project

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Posted: 10:33pm 03 Nov 2021      

  Godoh said  Fantastic work, that is one amazing project. Obviously you are very motivated.
Arduino's are fantastic things, I never learnt enough about coding them but managed to get one to work a solar hot water pump system once. It just kept working for years.
Have fun and thanks for the updates on your project

Thanks Pete. I too am a novice on Arduino. I only manage by copying and modifying code from other people. I guess that is what makes these platforms so powerful for the average Joe.

Last week I finalised the dash position (I hope). So that clears the way to start building shape in front of the doors and dash. So things are getting real now. For a long time I have been looking forward to starting to produce some real body shape.
One of the challenges I have been thinking through is the need for some inner support/border panels around the inside of the bonnet. I roughly know where I want them but trying to work out the upper contour. The the upper contour of these panels needs to precisely match the contour of the bonnet and surrounding panels. I now have the dash height and position. My plan is to build the nose structure. Then I will make a guide bar following the contour based on my buck. Then I can use that guide to reproduce the same contour on these inner panels. That's the theory anyway. What could possibly go wrong :-D