My latest EV project

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Posted: 04:19am 08 Nov 2021      

I made a little more progress over the weekend but nothing was really photo worthy. I did a little more work on the front door jams with some trimming and grinding. But more is required. It was enough to enable me to mount the driver door in place and checked the alignment and gap. I am fairly happy with those results. I need to do the same check on the passenger side.

I redid a fair amount of work on my practice dash to allow for the revised position. The passenger side is coming together but the driver side needs a heap of thought and work.

I started work on the nose support structure. This is basically some aluminium framework extending in front of the chassis to support the nose panels. It will also provide the mount point for the bonnet hinge. This structure is important at this point because I plan to start work on the panels around bonnet area and I need points of reference to ensure the heights are correct. I have created a couple of steel bars which match the contour of the bonnet. I will use these bars to span the gap between the nose structure and the top of the dash. This will give me the height and the outline of the bonnet. Then I can build the panels that will extend up from the chassis to these bars. The top edge of these panels will support the front guards and will incorporate a recess into which the bonnet will seat. These panels will also become the lining around the usable space under the bonnet. I am still finalising where all the components will go. But I am hoping I can keep them confined to the driver side leaving the passenger side free for some limited luggage.