My latest EV project

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The amount of work put into things like this is impossible to appreciate.
I helped a mate many years ago Restore a '38 Buick.  Spent at least a Night and a weekend day for well over a year on that but still having done it, I can only imagine what you are putting into this. We didn't have to fabricate much at all, it was all there and just needed brining back to scratch. One of the hardest things of all was working out how to re do the pearled steering wheel but we had the wheel itself to start with.   What you are doing is another level.

You'll be putting hours into details of things that no one will ever look at, appreciate or notice but  will drive you nuts if it's not done just right. No matter how impressive what you are doing is, no one will ever really know just what went into it.  We only see the finished result, never see what went in to getting it or the redos and planning to get it that way.

I can only admire rather than fully appreciate your work because I don't have the skills or therefore knowledge to do it myself and therefore know what does go into it.
The bit I do know and see you are doing is extremely impressive.  

I watch some YT channels with EV's and contemplate the potential in the future when  a Large motor can be hooked to each wheel and do away with gearboxes and run mega power to each wheel. I know some of the exotics do that now but it's hugely expensive which is the biggest drawback of Electric atm.

I'd like to do an electric conversion for a yard run around for fetching the firewood  and other odd jobs on a Subaru wagon. When I look at the cost and complexity as against just Dropping in a 6 or 9 HP stationary motor with a clutch and some sprockets where the original engine went, I just can't come near Justifying it unfortunately.

Keep up the great work!