My latest EV project

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Thanks Davo. My skills have come a long way but I still have a long way to go.

The idea of motors "in" each wheel is generally not a good one. Motors with any decent power are always heavy and add unsprung weight in the wheels which is not great for handling. There aren't too many production cars made this way.
However individual inboard motors driving each wheel is a totally different scenario.  

I'd be interested to know what EV options you've considered. Not all options are created equal. But I accept an EV conversion is difficult to do cheaply. Hopefully as more EVs become available on the second hand/write off market more budget options will become available.

The cheapest option I can think of is a Truck Alternator conversion. Just find the biggest truck alternator possible, tweak it to become a motor, add a controller, add some batteries and away you go. The down side is they are usually used for a gokart sized vehicle so I'm not certain it would work for a Subaru.

Another budget option is to find a forklift motor. With some patience you might get lucky and find a really cheap forklift motor. But you still need the battery and controller.

Another option that is becoming more common is repurposing a Nissan Leaf motor. This can be done with the factory controller or there are after market controllers which significantly increase the power.