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  galderdi said  

However individual inboard motors driving each wheel is a totally different scenario.

That is what I was thinking of even if I didn't relate it well. Motor inboard driving through a CV shaft.  Thinking of each wheel powered rather than hub motors.
I'm a fan of AWD and for these super power Vehicles it's really the only way to put the power to the Ground.  

Mate of Mine has a 700 Kw at the real wheels supercharged  LS engined monster and it will break traction with alarming ease even at 100 Kmh  if you desire being only 2 WD.  AWD makes such a Difference beyond the contact patch of Rubber on the Ground.
Bit like a Multi Cylinder engine.  You take out one cylinder  and you don't loose an 1/8th of the power, it's more like a 1/4 or more even on a v8.  
I remember many years ago loosing a Cylinder on a Twin Cylinder 2 Stroke Bike.  I think that lost about 80% power. Was all the thing could do to get off the lights.

AWD is reverse. makes such a difference to getting the power down. I took one of my subarus away earlier in the year for a long weekend with the mrs. She wanted to go exploring and we found ourselves on a ridiculously steep gravel road. was down it before we knew it and I was thinking we had made a bad mistake and was not going to get back up. To my amazement the thing went up with amazing ease.  I would not have credited how well it did go up there and not like I haven't been 4Wding before in my patrol.  Maybe because the thing was relatively light but I sure was relieved to get out of there and very thankful.

The Tubo Merc I drive is a killer off the lights because the power always hooks up.  That thing is almost impossible to beat off a standing start no matter how much grunt a 2WD monster has. Trouble is the auto gearbox is very touchy and you press a little harder to move a bit faster and the thing kicks back and nearly snaps your neck off.
A 2wd would probably just break loose.  

AWD in an EV with big torque would be the only way to make use of the power without having to hobble it without Traction control or vaporising the tyres.

  Quote  I'd be interested to know what EV options you've considered. Not all options are created equal. But I accept an EV conversion is difficult to do cheaply.

For a road vehicle ANY option is beyond what I'd be prepared to commit to.
What I was thinking of a run around would be for my father.  An EV yard cart would be ideal for him.  Again though,  it's a matter of thousands  for anything electric rather than a few hundred for and IC. Then there is the risk factor of doing something stupid or not being able to make it work at all.

To get a 9 HP industrial Motor, a 60 tooth and a 12 Tooth sprocket and a Chain and hook it to the original gear box would be nothing and could easily be done for Under $500 including components, steel, mounts etc.
I think he'll enjoy driving something like that anyway and showing it off. :0)

  Quote  Hopefully as more EVs become available on the second hand/write off market more budget options will become available.

Yes but I think that's still a good 10 years away. I don't believe the uptake of EV's is going to be ANYTHING like the overhyped, marketing based " predictions" which I think are to give people a sense of urgency than any factual based assumptions.

  Quote  The cheapest option I can think of is a Truck Alternator conversion.

I been looking for a 24v, 100A+ althernator for some time and the cheapest I can find anything is $250+ and usually more around $400 and they aren't that easy to come by either.

Just find the biggest truck alternator possible, tweak it to become a motor, add a controller, add some batteries and away you go.

I'm thinking $1000-$1500 Min for that. OTOH, I can get a 16 Hp stationary engine  for $4-500.  For what I'd want it for, can't justify the expense.

  Quote   The down side is they are usually used for a gokart sized vehicle so I'm not certain it would work for a Subaru.

Down gearing would help as it would enable a small petrol engine to work OK.  If the thing did 20 Kmh, for what I want that would be Flying.  If it were 2-3 HP. I think the thing is going to struggle with just drive train losses.  Might be wrong but I'd hate to go there and discover I made a mistake.
I'd actually like the thing to have enough grunt to tow an Implement or drag logs as well Even it it is slow but has to be reasonable.

  Quote  Another budget option is to find a forklift motor. With some patience you might get lucky and find a really cheap forklift motor. But you still need the battery and controller.

Funny you say that. I saw one a couple of nights ago for $1000. No batteries but otherwise supposedly complete and working.  Was half tempted to get the thing and just put some deep cycle car size batteries in it.  If I got 10 Min operation at a time would be fine for what I'd use it for just lifting things in and out of the ute.
Would be a lot of worthwhile components in it though for a Conversion that's for sure.

  Quote  Another option that is becoming more common is repurposing a Nissan Leaf motor.

Haven't seen that. Are the leaf motors readily available here and what sort of money would one be looking at?
I know the leaf battery packs are in demand due to them falling over in road cars and are not a cheap replacement. Factory they are about $30K I read, well beyond what the vehicle is worth.

I also read unlike I and many others seemed to think, as the batteries age they just don't decline in range, they get to a point fairly high up  still in the usability scale where the electronics just say game over no more.  Not like you can only get 5 or 10 KM out of them,  Things still might go 50km or more  at that degradation level  but the electronics say no,  Replace pack and that's it.  

  Quote  This can be done with the factory controller or there are after market controllers which significantly increase the power.

Perhaps an after market Controller would get around the OEM cutout on tired packs. I'm Thinking you wouldn't get one of those under a grand and probably a lot more.

I am sure there are a lot of worthwhile applications the repurposed and custom parts could satisfy where there would be more value in them than what I want or would be prepared to comit to.

A fork would be a good starting point I think for those that did have a justifiable use for a run around. Electric golf carts are also good donors but like many other things, are cheap and available in the US but Exy and not nearly as easy to come across here. :0(