My latest EV project

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Posted: 12:20am 16 Nov 2021      

I solved a couple of key challenges over the weekend.
The first one was how to secure the tube bends accurately so I can weld them and end up with them in the correct position and angle. I came up with these little brackets which are made from a steel tube one size larger than the aluminium tube. I split it in two parts and cut a window in each side so I can weld through it while it is clamped in place.
The second challenge was the inner panels under the bonnet. I made a guide so I know where the edge of the bonnet needs to be. But the edge of the bonnet does not line up with the edge of the chassis. I thought about twisting the panel or putting some shape into it to get it to twist. But I think the accuracy would have suffered. The edge needs to be straight on the vertical plane but follow the bonnet curve on the horizontal plane. What I came up with is a bend part way down the panel. I am happy with the result. It gives me the ability to adjust the top edge of the panel to line up fairly accurately with the intended bonnet line.