User Manual for the Picomite (draft)

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Hi Geoff,
These are mentioned in the TINMAN, not sure if you left these out by design or I just cant find them, but maybe useful somewhere around pages 9/10.

There are also four specialised I/O ports which, by default, are "wired" to pseudo-pins rather than wired out: They can be redefined, but this may not be safe on the PicoMite in some cases.
(41) GP23 is a SMPS control signal set to the value of OPTION POWER. (ON=PWM, OFF=PFM).
(42) GP24 is a digital input, which is high when VBUS is present.
(43) GP25 is also PWM4B. It is connected to the on-board LED.
(44) GP29 / ADC3 is an analogue input connected to a potential divider reading 1/3 of VSYS.