MMB4L: MMBasic for Linux alpha release

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Posted: 07:40pm 23 Sep 2021      

  Volhout said  Will it run on any 64 bit linux that has nano editor available ? Or is this specific *BUNTU for the moment ? All my machines are 32 bit linux, and I could try to boot a live distro to test this out (some of the CPU's have 64bit , but I installed 32 bit to stay common over all machines).

Hi @Volhout,

I'm not 100% certain but I don't think the build is Ubuntu/Debian specific. I guess there might be an issue if the Linux distribution has too old a C runtime but I believe Linux is pretty resilient to that sort of thing (more so than Windoze).

I guess I will be dusting off my old 32-bit DELL Lubuntu laptop over the weekend too then .

You've got a Chromebook too haven't you, are you running Crostini, in which case what does "uname -a" have to say for itself.

Best wishes,