MMB4L: MMBasic for Linux alpha release

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  toml_12953 said  Is OPTION CASE functional (x86_64)? It doesn't seem to do anything when I set it to Upper.

It's functional, it's just not useful .

My understanding is that on the other 'mites (except CMM2) the current program is always stored (in the flash) in the tokenized form and this option controls how it is converted back into ASCII when the user EDITs or LISTs it.

MMB4L and the CMM2 work differently in that they always EDIT and LIST the disk file, not the program stored in "flash".

If you want to see what is in the "flash" type LIST FLASH and the keywords displayed will respect OPTION CASE. However note that irrespective of OPTION CASE all the variable names will be in upper-case, I don't think this happens with the other 'mites, it is probably an optimisation by Peter that MMB4L has inherited from the CMM2 code.

In the future my intention is to throw away the somewhat adhoc preprocessor inherited from the CMM2 and replace it with one based on my own SPTools preprocessor. This will allow me to add proper pretty-printing / re-formatting to the language.

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