MMB4L: MMBasic for Linux alpha release

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Posted: 08:53am 24 Sep 2021      

  lizby said  Digital output to pins on a Pi Zero W with MMB4L.

Impressive, I'll have to find time to give that a go.

  lizby said  This is a kludge pending incorporation of pin I/O into the firmware (if that happens ...

It is my intention (at @robert.rozee's suggestion) to look into doing this with the pigpio library when I find some more time; I need to take a bit of a break now as I've been neglecting other things to get MMB4L out there. This is I believe a higher-level approach to what Peter did with the PiCRomite so may perhaps not run into the same issues. When I come to it I may need some hand-holding on the hardware/electronics side.

  lizby said  
> edit
> redit
> redit

I can't reproduce that on my Ubuntu build, what is the program that you are running ? It may perhaps be "messing" with the interpreter's concept of the current character position.

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