128GB USB3 Flash drive for NZ$30....

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Posted: 07:36am 13 Oct 2021      

You know, I continue to be amazed at how much storage you can buy on modern hardware, for such little cash - even WITH the virus affecting prices across all areas.

Today, I bought a 128GB USB3 flash-drive for the grand sum of NZ$30, or US$20 if you calculate in the greenback.

23-cents per GB.....  

I still remember buying my first USB flash drive - 256MB USB in a lovely brushed aluminum case, and it cost me $275 at the time(in NZ money), as 256MB was one of the biggest capacities you could get at that time.

Using that as a point of reference($275 per 256MB), the new 128GB drive I just bought for thirty bucks would have cost $137,500!!!!


Now, that is apples and oranges to some extent, as 256MB was about the biggest you could get at the time, but just for effect.....

I remember my first HDD was a Seagate U5 series, 20GB @ 5400RPM, and it cost me $250.

Still being amazed at the low, low prices we pay for storage today vs yesterday.  
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