128GB USB3 Flash drive for NZ$30....

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  noneyabussiness said  reminds me of the first HDD I had, 20 mb ( yes megabyte) loud and large,  but did the job... that was on a AT286 ... EGA monitor and all... lol, it would be a collectable now..

Mine was the same, genuine IBM 286.  Shortly after got a 386 and put the 20Mb Hdd in it from the 286. Wow! 2 Hdds, 50Mb of storage.

Next one I got was a Pentium 133. Had it built with 8MB of ram. People called me Nuts and said I'd never need all that ram and was a waste. I think it had just under 1 Gb of ram. Again, more over the top stupidity apparently.

Got that and gave the IBM's to my Uncle when he dropped in for a Visit. He was saying how he had better get himself a computer to keep up with the times.  I said Come have a look at this and took him up the shed where I put the 2 IBM's, monitors a tractor printer and some other thing I had.
I'll never forget the look on his face when I showed him the machines and said here you go and loaded them in his car.  He used them a year or 2 to learn on then set them up to run his massive model train  layout.

Gave him a load of Floppys with it too.I remember win 3.11 came on 14 floppys or something insane. I had loads of programs because I had a friend that went to Thailand regularly and would bring me back all the pirated programs which cost cents over there. later they did compilation Disks with loads of programs on them. Friend got me disks for everything. They were cheaper to buy there than what we could buy blank disks here for to copy them.

I look back on the way things were and how laughable they are now but were just the done thing then. I remember I felt privileged to even have a computer and in '95 was one of the few of my friends that had one.

Still use the original email address I created when I got my first computer.