128GB USB3 Flash drive for NZ$30....

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First computer I ever used was at School.  Only School in NSW to have one. I think it was donated by a former student whom had become head of the Company in Oz or something.  The brand was Wang.  Had these 2 big Hammertone Boxes under the desk that held a whopping 8Mb of Memory.  Portable storage was on Cassette tapes. No Idea what they held but they took a long time to load up and everything had to be written by hand.

The thing was kept in a big Double door safe like Cabinet with a TV on the top so the students could see what was going on. The monitor was tiny, maybe 10-12". It was in a heavily secured Room with bars on the windows, a door that would be at home on a Bank strong room and the there were 3 aircons keeping the place uncomfortably cool.

I remember there were several attempts to break into the room but it was alarmed as well and I think it would have been easier to get into a bank.
One clever break in was not through the cement walls of the building but up through the wooden floor. They got in but couldn't get through the strong  cabinet.
Next thing there were loads of steel plates put down to stop that happening again.

Thing must have been worth a Motza in it's day.

I was one of a very few Kids ( lord knows why) that was allowed access to the thing outside of classes. Never really got the programming side as I found it very tedious and a comma instead of a Full stop or vice versa would screw hundreds of lines of code and you could spend hours trying to find it because what you were reading off may have been badly printed and you put what you saw which wasn't right..... Ugggh!
Other thing was you'd save to tape and it just wouldn't save right so that was a major frustration.

The school earned money from other schools entering student marks in tables and doing rolls/ present/ absent reports and things like that.
Heady stuff in the day.

First computer I ever had was a dick smith VZ 200 I think it was called. Total POS.
I spent countless hours trying to program that thing and it never did work properly.
Put me off computers for years till my business manager implored me to get one which was the used 286. That was DOS but then 3.1 Came along and I got a hold of that which the 386 ran.  Paid some tool a fortune for some management software  that took more time entering customer data than could have simply been written in a book.

Still, the ability to print documents was a Boon.  I'd set them up , put them on floppy and then my wife would take it to work at the council  where they had a digital printing Dept which was a big deal then too and have them print it for me.
I took a picture of the guy that ran that dept at the christmas party of him and his wife and being a good shot and my wife getting on well with the guy, did an 8x10 for him.  Guy thought I'd given him a lung or something so anything I wanted was done on the best paper  they had.  He was always printing me new Business cards as well trying new techniques and machines which the council always seemed to be upgrading.
They did work for other councils as well as an earner.

I had some pretty flash literature for those days.  

BTW Grog, what brand was that USB you got? 128g for 30 of anyones bucks is incredibly Cheap.