CMM2: Suggestion to replace Peek(ProgMem, of) and Peek(VarTbl, of)

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Posted: 03:35pm 18 Oct 2021      

Thanks Peter,

  matherp said  In both cases there are reasons you may wish to read a byte that isn't word aligned

My suggestion wouldn't preclude that, e.g.
Peek(Byte Peek(VarTblAddr) + offset)

though you could argue for:
Peek(Byte Mm.Info(VarTblAddr) + offset)

  matherp said  so I don't intend to change this. You can do something completely different in the Linux port as this is of minority interest

Fair enough, I probably won't as I don't envision much call for extensions beyond the capabilities of the CMM2 and PicoMite that aren't specifically related to interacting with a "real" operating-system.

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