Pico DIN-Rail enclosure & breakout

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I respectfully disagree re: Controllino It's nothing but smoke and mirrors and no different to those who they claim they are going up against.

They use "Arduino" to convey the impression of openness and security but in reality, if their PLC dies on a Friday night in a 24/7 production facility, how many hours will that equipment be out of commission, waiting for a new unit to arrive from Austria?

Low level signals are a non-issue in industrial equipment. It's all about separation; magnetics and power are typically separated from the low-level stuff.

A 100HP Servo drive, under-load, emits a hell of a lot of PWM noise and yet it is commanded via a +/- 10v (high impedance input) motor command. Typically, the command resolution is 12bit. 20v/4096 = (approx) 5mV sensitivity (resolution).

I also note that Controllino feature Phoenix-brand relays but they don't show the side of the relay with the printing on it which would be more informative. Could it be because of the "Made in China"?  

Their I/O is also very limited (I have 80 DIO, BTW) and they don't appear to handle motion control.